Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can my child compete in Pony Trots? 

Children between the ages of 6 and 16 years are eligible to participate in the Pony Trot program. If a participant turns 17 after 1 January, he or she is eligible to compete for that season or until he or she applies for a trial license. 

How do I qualify my Pony or Child? 

New ponies and drivers must successfully complete a trial at one of the scheduled Education Days in front of an approved Pony Trot Representative. If successful, they will then be required to compete in a non-cup event satisfactorily before they can compete in a Country Cup event. 

Where can I purchase the gear required to commence Pony Trots? 

Pony Trot gear can be purchased at any horse saddlery store. 

How do I register my child or pony? 

Complete the appropriate registration form and return to Harness Racing Victoria via post, email or fax. 

If my pony is qualified interstate, do I need to qualify it in Victoria? 

No. Pony Trots Victoria will contact the respective state to confirm that your pony is qualified. 

I am registered in another state, do I need to register with Pony Trots Victoria to compete in Victorian races? 

Yes. You must be a member of Pony Trots Victorian by completing the appropraite registration form and returning to Harness Racing Victoria before you can compete in a Victorian PT race. 

What is the maximum height a Pony can be to compete? 

All ponies must be 13hh or under.